Adjunctive EMDR

Adjunctive EMDR therapy, also known as adjunct EMDR, is a way for clients in an established therapy to access some short-term EMDR when their primary clinician doesn’t offer this. Adjunct EMDR can often help to resolve something that may be blocking progress in therapy, or to address a trauma issue that has arisen. Adjunct EMDR can be done concurrently with the established therapy, meaning you don’t have to stop seeing your current therapist to do it. This kind of short-term, focused EMDR involves collaboration between the primary therapist and the EMDR therapist. The client sees the EMDR therapist to address the identified issue, and the primary therapist works with the client to integrate the results of the EMDR into the established therapy. If preferred, adjunct EMDR can be undertaken during a short break from the regular therapy, returning afterwards to the primary clinician.

If you are a client looking to include some EMDR or specialist trauma-focused work in your established therapy, please contact me for an initial discussion. Contact from clinicians looking to refer a client for adjunct EMDR (see Borstein, 2009) is also welcomed.

Ethical, Affordable EMDR Therapy

Karen is a fully accredited practitioner member of the EMDR Association UK. I’m pleased to offer compassionate and ethical, time-limited EMDR therapy. I see clients online via Zoom or a specialist EMDR video platform called Bilateral Base. If you would like more information, please contact me by email, text or phone, or send a message through the form on the Contact page.

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Borstein, S. S. (2009). Brief adjunctive EMDR. Journal of EMDR Practice and Research, 3(3), 198-204.