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Counselling and Psychotherapy

It is increasingly recognised these days that mental health is just as deserving of care and attention as physical health, and indeed, the two are totally interconnected. Stress, anxiety and depression can be very debilitating, sometimes seriously so, and if left untreated may alter the course of people’s lives. In essence, they are natural adaptations to challenging situations, but life circumstances, lowered personal resilience and other predisposing factors may mean we are drawn into a loop of chronic psychological, emotional and behavioural patterns. When this makes us unhappy, prevents us managing our day-to-day life, or our coping strategies become part of the problem, people may feel it’s time to seek help. Family members, friends and colleagues may also be affected by or implicated in an individual’s health status, and relationships are a prime area of concern in therapy.

Modern medicine uses many different diagnostic descriptors for mental health issues but it’s not necessary to have been diagnosed with something before seeking therapy. Equally, if you do have a diagnosis, first and foremost you are a valued and valuable human being, and that’s where we start from in therapy. Everything that happens in counselling and psychotherapy is based on three core conditions – empathy, the congruence or genuineness of the therapist, and unconditional positive regard for the client.

So counselling and psychotherapy are for anyone wanting to talk through what’s troubling them with a trained professional who is caring and compassionate, and who takes an objective and non-judgmental view of things. Therapy is different from trying to talk with friends or relatives. It offers the chance to understand what’s happening with the potential for change. And, of course, everything is held in strict confidence.

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